Ash Street Project

Ash Street Project, the vision of artists Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom, encompasses art studios, visiting artists, gallery space, community programs and a clay-based emerging artist mentorship program.  Our site also hosts an on-line gallery shop.

NCECA 2017 Recap

What an invaluable experience NCECA 2017 was for us this March. It was truly a whirlwind week of wonderful interactions with artists, educators and collectors. Of particular value was the opportunity for the mentees to meet and get feedback from so many respected people in the field, ranging from established artists to instructors, and gallery owners.

Thank you to all who came out to see what we do and view our exhibits.  One more thanks to Jessica Jackson Hutchins and Ariel Brice for sharing their work in our exhibition space, and for Dan Anderson and Victoria Christen for all of the organizational work they put into Pots @ ASP.  Finally, one last thank you to the Ash Street team for making it all shine.


The Ash Street Project at NCECA

In case you haven't heard, NCECA (the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) is coming to Portland in March, bringing nearly 6,000 ceramic artists and educators to the area, and filling galleries and local sites with ceramic art. The Ash Street Project is in the throws of preparation.  Our artists will be involved in workshops and exhibits throughout the city, and we will host several exhibits on site as well.  Below you will find a list of these events.  Please click on highlighted names and sights to learn more about times and locations.  Though you will need a conference pass for many of the events at the convention center, there are still a number of interesting opportunities that are free and open to the public.  Link to the NCECA site and schedule also below.

Please note that the Ash Street Project’s reception will be held from 6-9 on the Friday of conference week.  


Exhibits at The Ash Street Project


Them Are Us Too

Jessica Jackson Hutchins and Ariel Brice

March 6-31st

Reception, Friday, March 3, 6-9

Gallery Hours M-F, 11-3


Pots @ASP

A National Pottery Exhibit and Sale to Benefit the Tom Beardman Scholarship at ASP.  Click here for more info.

Curated by Dan Anderson and Victoria Christen

March 21-26

Reception, Friday, March 24, 6-9

Gallery Hours:  Tues 2-6, W/Th/F 10-6, Sun 10-2


Current Work by the Ash Street Project Artists

In addition to exhibits listed below, all ASP artists, including alumnae and curators Dan Anderson and Victoria Christen, will be exhibiting at ASP during the conference

March 21-26

Reception, Friday, March 24, 6-9

Gallery Hours:  Tues 2-6, W/Th/F 10-6, Sun 10-2


Ash Street Artists Exhibiting Off Site

Special Event

Regional Award of Excellence presented to Thomas Orr of ASP

Friday March 24, 4:45-6:15

Oregon Convention Center, Oregon Ballroom 203 (Level2)


Thomas Orr, Co-DirectorASP

Trifecta: Future Forward on the Ceramic Highway

The Vet Show

The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel

March 21-25

Reception, Friday, March 24, 6-9

Gallery Hours:  Tues – Sat 10-6


Victoria Christen, Thomas Orr and Ted Vogel

Lewis and Clark College


Joanna Bloom, Co-Director ASP

Recent Work from the LH Project

The Cleaners, Ace Hotel

March 21-26

Reception, Friday, March 24, 6-9


Ben Skiba, ASP Studio Assistant

Knuckle Cracks and Toe Taps

Rainmaker Artist Residency

March 1-31

Reception, Thursday, March 23, 5-8

Gallery Hours:  Tues – Sat 12-5


Ten Years in the Making

PNCA/OCAC MFA ACD Bison Building

March 21-25

Reception, Friday, March 24, 6-9



Adrienne Eliades, ASP Visiting Artist

2017 Potters Council Juried Show

Oregon Convention Center


Oregon Convention Center Process Room Demo: The Printing Process

Thursday March 23 11-11:30 in room B 113-116


Jimin Lee, 2017/18 Mentee

The Alchemy of Surface

Skutt Ceramics

March 21-25

Reception, Friday, March 24, 5-7

Gallery Hours:  Tues – Sat 9-5:30


Aleka Tomlinson, 2016/17 Mentee

Objective Clay

Oregon Convention Center Clay Expo Booth

Thursday, March 23 Only


The Next Step

The Frost Art Center Lobby Gallery



Jordan Pieper, ASP Gallery Assistant

Curator Half Pint Cup Show                    Half Pint Coffee Shop                             March 21-25 During Open Hours

Curator OCAC Alumnae Exhibit                     Oregon College of Art & Craft             March 22-25 During Open Hours  Reception: Thursday, 3/23 5-8





Comprehensive Program Guide


Recap: VIsiting ARtist Steve Colby

A whirlwind three weeks have passed, from visiting artist Steve Colby's arrival, to his subsequent Winter Open House Exhibition.  During this brief time, Steven created a body of work using the signature ASP red clay body and a variety of slips and glazes.  It was particularly interesting to witness his application techniques, rendering some spectacular surface results with slips and tin glazes through brushwork, fingermarks, and such.  On his last day with us, Steve cooked up a batch of his grandmother's Syrian lamb stew to share with the ASP community.  Thank you Steven for sharing these few weeks with us!  We look forward to seeing you at NCECA in March.

2016 Mentorship Entrance Exhibition

The Ash Street Project Entrance Exhibition provides an opportunity to view the work that the our incoming artists are making prior to the start of the mentorship program. It is with great enthusiasm that we embark on this new year with mentees Jimin Lee and Sarah Stokes, as well as returning studio assistant Ben Skiba! We have so much in store.  It was truly a celebratory evening for us, with many new faces in the house! 

Many thanks to our community for coming out to help us celebrate!  If you did not have the chance to come to the opening, you can still come by and see the work through October 21st.  Gallery hours:  11-3, Monday- Friday or by appointment

Recap: Summer Session 2016

This slide show of over a dozen images from Summer Session 2016 provides a brief recap of the industrious and celebratory two weeks we spent with our invited artists this summer at the Ash Street Project.  Summer Session allows approximately half a dozen invited artists two weeks of exploring ideas amongst peers, our mentees and the community.  The 2016 session was extremely productive as well as great fun.  Per usual, the mentees took turns as hosts to our guest artists, which at times became a bit outlandish and downright competitive.  The session closed with the annual presentation of the Hostie awards, created by our invited artists and presented to the mentees.

We are so grateful for this summer's artists and all that they brought to the session!  Please refer back to the June Summer Session post on this site for links to our guest artists' websites.

Thank youDirk Staschke, Michelle Liccardo, Jennifer Kenworth, Lisa Conway, Chris Lyon, Brett Binford.  Additional gratitude to our hosts and mentorship participants: Ivan Carmona, Ben Skiba, Aleka Tomlinson, Jordan Pieper


Summer Session 2016

 The Ash Street Project is pleased to announce our 2016 Summer Session Line Up!

Summer Session was created in an effort to shift the studio environment with the season's inherently different pace and rhythm.  Each summer, we invite six artists to come join us for a two week period.  This is an open time for them to discuss, create, and share in an exchange with each other, our studio community and the community at large.  This summer, from July 11-22nd, we are pleased to host the artists listed below.  Please click on each name for more information.  Feel free to join us for brown bag lunches (12-1, M-F) during these two weeks, as well as an opening cup exhibit Tuesday, July 12 from 6-8pm.  

                            Portland, OR:  Dirk Staschke

                            Portland, OR: Dirk Staschke

           Portland, OR:  Jennifer Kenworth

           Portland, OR: Jennifer Kenworth

                     Portland, OR:  Michelle Liccardo

                     Portland, OR: Michelle Liccardo

                                     Portland, OR:  Lisa Conway

                                     Portland, OR: Lisa Conway

                            Portland, OR:  Chris Lyon

                            Portland, OR: Chris Lyon

                    Portland, OR:  Brett Binford

                    Portland, OR: Brett Binford



Recap: Visiting Artist Eva Kwong

It was a whirlwind two weeks with our spring visiting artist Eva Kwong.  While in the studio at the Ash Street Project, Eva made a series of new sculptural vessels, and talked with the mentees about mixing slips and surface application techniques.  Along with this, Eva managed to visit several area colleges, the OCAC fab lab and the Mudshark slipcast manufactory.  We look forward to Eva's return to Portland for NCECA in March.  (Note: please click on images if slideshow is not automatically turning).