Ash Street Project

Ash Street Project, the vision of artists Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom, encompasses art studios, visiting artists, gallery space, community programs and a clay-based emerging artist mentorship program.  Our site also hosts an on-line gallery shop.




Please complete the form below and submit it electronically. 

Once received, we will contact you for an interview. The interview for ASP:EAMP, though casual, is for us the most informative step of the process. Where possible, we ask prospective artists to visit our site, meet us (and our mentorship program artists), and get a true feel for the program and whether it is a good fit. If this is not possible, a skype interview will be arranged.

In addition to this form, please send via email to

1. Your resume

2. A minimum of 5 images of recent work.

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Please tell us a bit about your education and/or making experience and give us an idea of your goals for the mentorship program.