Ash Street Project

Ash Street Project, the vision of artists Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom, encompasses art studios, visiting artists, gallery space, community programs and a clay-based emerging artist mentorship program.  Our site also hosts an on-line gallery shop.

Summer Session 2017: Recap

The slide show above gives a brief peek into the wonderful, industrious two weeks we shared with our invited artists this summer at the Ash Street Project.  Summer Session allows approximately half a dozen invited artists two weeks of exploring ideas amongst peers, our mentees and the community.  The 2017 session was as prolific as it was fun, and the mentees, again, spoiled everyone with their delicious hosting skills.  

We are so grateful for this summer's artists and all that they brought to the session! Please see the July Summer Session post on this site for more on our guest artists as well as links to their websites.

A very special thank you to the following people for setting the time aside to take part in this great, creative venture:  Jeffry Mitchell, Amy Santoferraro, Judy Hill, Daniel Duford, Ted Vogel, Cynthia Lahti.  Additional gratitude to our hosts and mentorship participants: Jimin Lee, Matt Asbill, Sarah Stokes, Ben Skiba and Adrienne Eliades.