Ash Street Project

Ash Street Project, the vision of artists Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom, encompasses art studios, visiting artists, gallery space, community programs and a clay-based emerging artist mentorship program.  Our site also hosts an on-line gallery shop.

A New Group of Mentees

Ash Street Project is thrilled to welcome four new mentees ( L>R: Ivan Carmona, Ben Skiba, Aleka Tomlinson, Jordan Peiper) to our 2015/2016 year.  This dynamic group of artists arrived in early September, and set right to work creating their work spaces and getting to know the ropes.  They come to us from diverse backgrounds, all with a solid understanding of ceramics, and all working in the industry in various facets.  More information can be found on these artists in the participants section of this website, as well as our link section.  You can also click on each artist's name, as highlighted in bold, for a link to their website. 


Ivan Carmona: Ivan comes to us as a recent graduate of the Oregon College of Art and Craft.  With a focus in figurative sculpture, Ivan is wanting to use his time at Ash Street Project to apply the knowledge he's gained in undergrad to work through new ideas and further position himself as a gallery artist.  When he is not in the studio, he assists Dirk Staschke, Anne Crumpacker and other established local artists. 

Ben SkibaBen recently completed his undergraduate at University Wisconsin, Madison.  His current  sculpture and assemblages emphasize the processes and materials within studio practice.  While  he continues to explore this work at Ash Street Project, Ben will be employed by Mudshark with slip-casting work and will assist studio artist Brian Jones.

Aleka Tomlinson: Aleka found us through our connection to one of her mentors, Lilith Rocket, where she was employed in production work. Lilith's model sparked a passion in Aleka to consider creating her own production line.  She has come to us in hopes of honing that goal.  Aleka is both the Operations Manager and a production artist at Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

Jordan Pieper: Jordan completed his BFA at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in May. His vessel-based work is influenced by 18th century European porcelain. This week, Jordan will embark on a three week research trip to western Europe where he will continue to study 18th century porcelain production.  This trip will help inform his work at Ash Street Project. Jordan currently assists ceramic artists Brian Jones in Portland and Jeffry Mitchell in Seattle.