Ash Street Project

Ash Street Project, the vision of artists Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom, encompasses art studios, visiting artists, gallery space, community programs and a clay-based emerging artist mentorship program.  Our site also hosts an on-line gallery shop.

Visiting Artist: Matt Causey!!!

We are so excited to have Matt Causey joining us in the studio next week!  Matt is a prolific maker/illustrator, typically using cups and plaques as his palate.  He will be exhibiting at Eutectic Gallery with Lauren Mabry in June, but in the mean time he will be trying out some new ideas at Ash street.  He plans to work on a "Portland Portrait Series",  a series of illustrations of local influences based on the "Famous Potter Plaques" he has been creating for Garth Clark's CFile shop.  We are excited to have Matt infuse Ash Street with his energy and aesthetic.