Ash Street Project

Ash Street Project, the vision of artists Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom, encompasses art studios, visiting artists, gallery space, community programs and a clay-based emerging artist mentorship program.  Our site also hosts an on-line gallery shop.

Changing Topics Conversation: Authentic Voice

Last night we hosted our second "conversation" dinner.  This rotating monthly series, designed to supplement the mentorship program, addresses a wide range of topics as they relate to the studio artist.  We are so grateful to the rich community of artists Portland has to offer.  Many thanks to our diverse panel of artists who kept the topic of  "authentic voice"  lively and thought provoking.  What a great topic, may have to revisit.  This month's artists:  Thomas Orr (Ash Street), Dave Tinman Edgar (Painting), Joanna Bloom (not pictured, Ash Street), Karl Burkheimer (wood, mixed media, installation), Eli Osborn (multimedia, resident builder), Spencer Brewer (ASP mentee, clay), Jennifer Anable (ASP visiting artist, clay, mixed media), Lisa Kaser (Sculpture, 2D), Aldin Huff (ASP mentee, clay).

feb conversation.JPG